Kaizen Insights

Get answers, faster.


For decision makers who need answers.

1) Test design, language, or brand position.
2) Get faster, directional feedback
3) No need for in-house research expertise

Current research solutions are limiting for marketing and creative teams. Decision makers need faster ways to learn what their audiences find compelling.

Hiring full service agencies requires planning, substantial resources, and time. And doing it yourself requires strategic thinking, technical expertise, and even more time.

With Kaizen Insights all you need is a problem and the answer you want to test.


Get Insights

Research efficiency is about getting usable results, not raw data. 

Get faster, directional feedback.



We help provide insight to many industries, and for both products and services alike.


Target the right audience.



Kaizen provided these distilled elements in the form of pointed recommendations and enhancements, which enabled us to eliminate costly inefficiencies and greatly improve the overall partner experience.
— Scott Spagnola, Marketing Manager, Microsoft
[Kaizen] have a proven formula that helps bring the true brand essence to life consistently across all channels.
— Jon Margalit, CEO, Togally


How it works

Eliminate tedious survey building and sussing through raw data.



Kaizen Insights was founded by former Netflix marketing executives that wanted faster, better directional feedback.